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Fumes' story

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Tyler Morton, Co founder.

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Treno Morton, Co founder.

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100%Black Owned.



Fumes is a Black-owned cannabis accessory company, based out of the east coast of Canada! Our rolling papers are made from all-natural pure hemp pulp and sourced from conflict-free growers. With no artificial additives, we guarantee a smooth, even, tasteless burn!


The cannabis industry has taken off over the last few years. Becoming legal in multiple states across the US, as well as legalized federally here in Canada! That being said, the decriminalization of cannabis worldwide does not match the rapid speed in which the industry is growing.


As of 2021 people of colour make up less than 4% of the cannabis industry. Fumes' goal is to shift that paradigm, and reestablish black ownership within the cannabis industry!

Josh Creighton, Co founder.

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